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Let us introduce ourselves – The Befrienders. LISTENING is what we do best. It’s an active skill, which helps us to connect with the person we are talking to. Being a good listener is about caring enough to take time out, and being there for another person.

People call us for many reasons : some callers are people who need emotional support; others may be frightened, angy, sad, lonely or depressed. Callers talk to us about their families, jobs, relationships, money problems, illness, depression, school concerns and sometimes, suicide.

It is all right to remain anonymous – we respect your confidentiality.

No matter what situation you are in, we will listen with respect and patience. We will not judge you but accept you for who you are. We also respect your right to make your own decisions, including the right to end the call. All calls will be treated as CONFIDENTIAL.

If you have no one to turn to, or you just need a listening ear to your woes, please call us. We are always here to listen…..YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

The Befrienders Johor Bahru is a non-profit community service and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) set up in August 2006.

We are multi-racial, non-religious and our service is available to everyone, from all walks of life, race, religion, age and gender.

We offer free emotional support to our callers through befriending.

The service that the Befrienders offer is called befriending.

Befrienders aims to benefit society by improving people’s emotional health in order to create a greater sense of well being.

If you are feeling upset, worried, in despair, alone or suicidal – talk to us.

You can share your innermost feeling without fear, criticism or judgement.

Everything you tell us is strictly confidential.

Through talking and discussing options, you may discover your own strengths.

Just sharing your feelings may make it a little easier for you to bear the burden of your worries.

The Befrienders do not offer financial assistance but provide confidential befriending.