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Recruitment :

Befrienders are ordinary people. You have probably travelled with a Befriender on the train or waited next to one in the supermarket. You may even work with someone who is a Befriender. What makes Befrienders special is their discretion, reliability, open-mindedness and patience. They are willing to spend some of their time each week supporting those who are in need.

Befrienders volunteers come from every walk of life. They are teachers, professionals, secretaries, students, writers, the self-employed, and retired people. The only thing they have in common are their ability to put the caller first and to give them unconditional time and space to explore their emotions. Formal qualifications and previous experience are not requirements for being a good listener. What is needed is the ability to really listen to others, to refrain from giving advice, to leave your own religious or political opinions at the door and to abide by the Befrienders principles and practices.

All of our volunteers are English speaking, but many also speak other languages, including Mandarin and Malay. Age 24 years and above. Selected candidates will be given training on 8 Saturdays from 2pm-5pm. Could you be a Befriender?

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